CPToys provides individualised therapy advice to therapists and families of children with cerebral palsy by matching toys to a child’s age and specific therapy goals.

Gecko Traxx

A portable and affordable wheelchair accessory that enables people to get off-road and explore the great outdoors.


Sexual pleasure is a human right but many disabled people cannot self pleasure due to hand limitations. Bump’n believes everyone should be able to ‘get off’ and is creating the first line of sex toys that don’t require the use of your hands.


A voice enabled life assistant for young people living with paralysis. Maslow enables users to independently manage their care and rehab routines, communicate with health specialists and access best practice health education where it matters most – at home.

Neurodiversity Media

Neurodiversity Media creates accessible information resources to empower the neurodivergent population to fulfil their potential through the dignity of work.


Working to prevent the death and disability of newborn babies who require resuscitation after birth through the development of an inexpensive resuscitation monitor.