Banner image, left hand side a pink and purple background with the Remarkable Tech Summit logo along with the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Logo and the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation logo. Right hand side a person with long blonde hair wearing a virtual reality headset gazing up with their hands on the device.

The Remarkable Tech Summit: Liminal


San Diego - October 3-6 2023

900 million people do not have access to assistive technology AND YET, aging and disability is a global growth market. We explore the space between.

Inclusive and accessible design is often an afterthought AND YET, there is a rich history of technologies designed by disabled entrepreneurs changing the world. We explore the space between.

We are in the midst of a boon of technology use AND YET, we all desire to remove ourselves from our devices and be more human. We explore the space between.

This is the Remarkable Tech Summit: Liminal.

Contact Us

Should you have any questions related to the Remarkable Technology Summit San Diego, please contact events@cerebralpalsy.org.au or complete the webform below.

Accessibility Requirements

At all Remarkable events we provide an opportunity prior to the beginning and throughout for participants to request accessibility adjustments. At a minimum Remarkable will be providing: Sign interpretation, Screen reader accessible documents and Transcripts of video recorded sessions.

Other accommodations can be requested outside of those listed above. We encourage all participants to contact Remarkable to discuss what requirements are needed to ensure an equal experience for all participants.