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Introducing our fifth Founder Story featuring Jatin Wadhwa, Founder of Humane!

Humane helps people with disability and their carers manage their funding efficiently by saving time and enabling them to make better care decisions.

Learn more about Jatin’s incredible founder story below…


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A time-coded transcript of this video is available for download and the script is also available below.


Jatiin Wadhwa [00:00:00]

Anyone can be innovative, but ideas are easy, it’s the execution that’s the hard part.


I’m Jatin Wadhwa the founder of Humane, which is an online platform that helps families and people with disabilities easily manage their government funding and make better care decisions.


I’ve always been interested in technology and problem solving. I was drawn to software engineering because with it I got the superpower to actually bring ideas into reality and use it to make a difference in people’s lives.


So I was studying software engineering and a friend introduced me to the space called NDIS. I knew nothing about it. National Disability Insurance Scheme, or NDIS is set up to help families fund the costs of disability services. It’s a great initiative, but as I started digging deeper, I found that there were a lot of complications in the space. It was really hard to understand.


So I saw one of my family members actually navigate through the system and try to manage it, and I really saw them struggle. So that’s when I thought, you know what, technology could help and we could develop something better.


So my research showed me that families did actually want to manage all this stuff systematically and properly, but at the time they didn’t have anything to make that happen. So they were just using pen and paper or spreadsheets.


What we’ve done with Humane now is we’ve made a really easy to use platform that people can use to self manage their funds. So this is things like managing your invoices sessions, where you’re at with the budget, tracking it in real time planning your finances and all that kind of stuff.


It’s the focus of being disability tech specific that makes Remarkable, really great. And not only that, the community around us, it’s like so giving and so passionate.


My hope for Humane is to achieve a future where every family can care confidently with ease and without any stress.


Whenever I get an e-mail or a message from a family member saying this has really made my life easier. That’s the moment that keeps me going.



Meet Jatin at our online Demo Day on Tuesday the 13th of July! Registrations are essential.

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