Getting To Know Mentor, Liza MacLean

Liza MacLean is a Project Manager for icare and also mentor to loop+. Liza is passionate about the power of assistive technology for people with a disability to promote independence, participation and inclusion. We asked Liza to tell us more about her and how she’s involved with Remarkable.

Liza MacLean
Liza MacLean

Tell us a bit about your background

I have a background in occupational therapy with 20 years’ experience working in the health and disability sectors (government and not-for-profit) in Australia and the UK. I’ve worked in pediatrics, aged care, rehabilitation, injury management and with a special interest in equipment and assistive technology.

What are your core areas of expertise, particularly when it comes to mentoring for Remarkable?

My areas of expertise are disability and assistive technology, including knowledge of the sector, stakeholder relationships and disability and insurance scheme funding requirements.

What inspired you become a mentor for Remarkable?

After being involved in the selection of startups for the accelerator program I was impressed with the knowledge and passion of the startups, the mentors and the Remarkable team and keen to get involved to help them achieve their vision to improve the lives of people with a disability through technology.

Are there any parts of the accelerator program that you’re looking forward to?

I’m just looking forward to all the opportunities to meet with the startups and other mentors, there are some amazing people involved and I can’t wait to see how far everyone will get to by the end of the program (and beyond).

What is your top tool, blog, book or podcast that you’d recommend others look at?

I’m a fan of getting inspiration through TED talks on my daily commute.

Some of my favourite books/movies about people with a disability are Wonder, the Diving Bell and the Butterfly, the Fundamentals of Caring, and the Intouchables.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given in your work life that you would like to pass on to the startups?

Always remind yourself of your purpose and don’t forget who you’re here for. Listen to the needs of your customers, and make sure you get their input and feedback at all stages of design and development.

Also ‘done is better than perfect’ may help to save some sanity during the accelerator!

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