Remarkable Insights: Season Two


[0:00 – 0:16] Viv Mullan

Hey guys, it’s Viv Mullan here, and I’m the host of Remarkable Insights.I am so excited to be back for Season 2, which not only features an amazing range of guests, but also has double the episodes of Season 1. Here’s just some of the amazing lineup.

Dinesh Palipana…

[0:17 – 0:33] Dinesh Palipana

Technology is not a distraction for the physician, it’s not a distraction in medicine, but technology is a tool that allows us to restore the time honored sacred tradition of the doctor patient relationship.

[0:35 -0:36] Vivien Mullan

Elizabeth Chandler…

[0:37 – 1:05] Elizabeth Chandler

Chat GPT can hallucinate and makes up facts and thinks that there are references to people that actually don’t exist. Quite an interesting one is I’ll skip the last digits of pi and it will give you an answer. So you can understand then how actually hallucinating these facts and details. Not only prevolates any bias, but also creates misinformation, which is generally very, very bad for society as a whole.

[1:05 – 1:06] Vivien Mullan

Emily Yates…

[1:07 – 1:21] Emily Yates

I was invited by Lord Sebastian Co, and he quoted me in his closing ceremony speech at the Games ‘For London and for the UK having the games there had lifted the cloud of limitation for lots of disabled people’

[1-21 – 1:22] Viv Mullan

Steve King…

[1:22 – 1:32] Steve King

I think eventually finding really good people to work with in a really good culture ended up being the thing that like accelerated my experience.

[1:32 – 1:34] Viv Mullan

Kelly Schulz…

[1:34 – 1:43] Kelly Schulz

I also like to say that inclusion is like cheese. You can never have too much, but some is always better than none.

[1:43 – 1:44] Viv Mullan

Srin Madipalli…

[1:45 – 2:06] Srin Madipalli

My life was very much around building software, building applications building, online products.

And that ended up in the world of co-founding ‘Accomable’. Accomable was a travel platform for disabled people to find accommodation that worked for them. And that ended up being acquired by Airbnb in 2017.

[2:06 – 2:12] Viv Mullan

Kicking off, we’re joined by head of accessibility at LinkedIn Jennison Asuncion.

[2:12 – 2:30] Jennison Ascunsion

I just have the great fortune of being able to work at a company whose mission is all about helping people find and build their careers and to work on accessibility, with engineers and designers who care is a dream job for me.

[2:31 – 2:39] Viv Mullan

And what makes it more exciting is that when we launch this episode, we’ll also be celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day, which Jenison actually helped co-found.

[2:39 – 2:54] Jennison Ascunsion

It’s a day that we ask people to dedicate time to learn about, to experience, or to discuss some form of digital access and inclusion for people with different disabilities or impairments.

[2:54 – 3:01] Viv Mullan

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