Person wearing the RecoveryVR headset


RecoveryVR’s primary aim is the scaling of access to physical and psychological rehabilitation while still being connected to, and directed by trained clinicians. This can be applied across the entire rehabilitation process from inpatient care in hospital, to outpatient care in clinics and in the home.

We strive to build a product that brings evidence-based therapy to people living regional and rural areas, or people with mobility issues, who may not have proper access to healthcare.


Rehabilitation healthcare can be a long, monotonous and expensive process which is hard to quantify and adhere to, and may be unavailable to large populations due to location or accessibility.


RecoveryVR provides a fun and engaging, medication-free, virtual reality application that motivates more adherence to rehab activities in the home or clinic while also providing measurement data, adherence tracking and unlimited healthcare access using a custom built telehealth portal.


RecoveryVR are raising a $1.2M convertible note round and would like to connect with investor who are aligned with their vision. Please connect to the team here.

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