Remarkable, The Offer

Remarkable’s 16 week accelerator program has a new value proposition for cohort #3: $35K for 5% equity, with a revenue share alternative.

Remarkable is Australia’s leading disability-tech accelerator and one of only 3 globally currently running cohorts (A3i in Israel and GDI in London are the others). This is an area where Australia’s truly leading the way in using technology to make the lives of people with disability better. It’s something we are really proud of!

Remarkable took 12 startups through cohort #1 and #2 and applications are open till midnight Feb 11th for cohort #3.

For cohort #3 there’s a new investment offer:

a) $35K for 5% equity OR

b) $35K for 2% revenue share above $500K annual revenue

Along with the above cash investment, the same core value-added elements remain: free desk space (this time in Sydney Startup Hub) and a 16 week accelerator program that Remarkable invests over $50K+ in value per startup to run.

The full value proposition is outlined below:


What is it that makes Remarkable… Remarkable?

For me it’s the unique combination of:

1. Focus on disability-tech… sometimes seen as niche, but focused on a market the size of China.

2. Disability network access… including founders, service providers, testers.

3. CPA support… access to Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s research, service provider and training experience and resources.

4. Diversity… in our founders, mentor network, and in the type of funding options on offer (venture, social impact, philanthropic, grants).

5. Embedded social impact… we are a home for social impact startups, and for cohort #3 we will embed from day 1 the measurement and storytelling of the impact they – and Remarkable – are creating.

We also pride ourselves on our alumni satisfaction and transparency. If you’re a startup considering Remarkable and you want to speak to any of the startups who have been through our first two cohorts, we’re more than willing to put you in touch with any of them.

You have just 3 days to apply!


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