Meet our new Marketing & Events Coordinator, Viv Mullan

Viv has joined the Remarkable team as our new Marketing & Events Coordinator. Viv has a wealth of marketing and TV experience as well as a background in volunteering for disability services. She is passionate about championing creating creative opportunities for people with disability and a fan of Dr Seuss! So in the words of Dr Seuss we welcome Viv to the team…

Congratulations! Today is your day. You’re off to Great Places! You’re off and away!

Viv Mullan

Tell us a bit about you and your background experience

Since graduating from the University of Wollongong with a Bachelor of Communication and Media (Marketing & Advertising major, Visual Arts minor), I’ve held a number of creative and marketing-related roles, as well as spent some time working in film.

Immediately after graduating, I pursued a career in Public Relations for a health and wellness agency followed by Marketing for Sydney Tower Dining. In these roles, I gained experience in social and digital marketing strategy, media relations and copywriting/content creation.

With some marketing experience under my belt, I decided to spend some time following my passion for film. Working mainly onset in the Art Department, for a variety of films and TV Shows productions supported by streaming services such as Stan, Foxtel, and the ABC and Channel Nine.

More recently, I shifted my focus to pursue work that combines my passion for creativity and my belief in promoting an inclusive society focusing on creating career pathways for people with disability – something that I’ve championed since my teens when I first started volunteering with my local disability services.

I’m now committed to ensuring my career aligns with my passion for advocating and building sustainable pathways for an inclusive society, which is why I’m honoured to be part of the Remarkable team.

What attracted you to work with Remarkable?

I learnt about the fantastic work that Remarkable were doing through a dear friend of mine who I met while working in the inclusive filmmaking space. So, when I saw they had an opening, I was so excited to apply for the position! This role will allow me to combine my passion for promoting inclusive opportunities together with my experience in creating practical solutions to eliminate social barriers experienced by people living with disability.

What part of the program are you most looking forward to?

I can’t wait to see the positive impact this program will have on the wider community. I’m looking forward to seeing the products that the startup companies who are part of the #SYD20 cohort are working with the help and guidance of our mentors.

We’d love to get to know you a bit more, what do you like to do in your free time? It might be that you’ve got a special skill or interest to share with us?

I’m originally from the South Coast of NSW so I’m naturally a nature enthusiast (pardon the pun)! So, when I have a free day to myself, I like to start by finding a new spot to watch the sunrise from – be it at the beach or up a mountain. I’m also a serial hobby starter – at the moment I’m trying to learn the ukulele, master chess, play golf and learn to speak Italian … and, much to George’s excitement, I signed up for my first (mini) triathlon… this was before I knew I was going to be working with George who is a professional triathlete, wish me luck!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given in your work life that you would like to pass on to the startups?

  1. Never compromise your values
  2. Beyond the practical tasks, measure the success of each day by how many people you make smile.

Do you have an inspiring book / podcast / tv show you would like to share with the startups and the Remarkable community?

Having three nieces under the age of three means most of my inspiration comes from Dr Seuss. My favourite poem to read to them is ‘Oh the places you will go’, and I encourage people of all ages to pick up this poem as often as possible.

Any tips for remote working now that we’re an online program?

Even though so much can be done from the comfort of the couch in your comfy pants, it’s important to cherish the moments you can outside by taking breaks to breathe in the fresh air and feel the warm sun on your face.

Thanks Viv. It’s been great to get to know you. Feel free to reach out to connect with Viv on LinkedIn.

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