Founder Profile | Ryan from Gecko Traxx

Pete (virtually) sat down with Ryan Tilley, Founder of Gecko Traxx last week to find out more about his product, what he aims to get out of the Remarkable 16-week accelerator program and his tips for setting yourself up for success when working from home.

Check out some of the key takeouts from this ‘on the couch’ session with Ryan…

Tell us about Gecko Traxx, how you came up with the idea? and what it is that you’re trying to achieve?

I’ve always just grown up with a love of getting outdoors, exploring and then in 2019 I experienced what it was like to be in a wheelchair for a few days and that helped me realise that I could be using my skills to help people that are experiencing disability to be able to go outdoors and do the things that I actually take for granted. So that sort of was the starting point of Gecko Traxx and really we’re trying to build an outdoor brand that allows everybody regardless of their ability to get outdoors.

What is it that you’re hoping to achieve through Remarkable and how do you want Remarkable to help you?

Coming into Remarkable we’d developed a number of prototypes of Gecko Traxx and we’d just purchased our first tooling. And at the moment, we’re actually just finalising the tooling and in a couple of weeks we are doing our first manufacturing run, which is quite exciting. So what we want to get out of Remarkable is really the commercialisation of the product, getting it out there and getting it into the hands of customers.

Are there any tips that you’d give people working remotely?

Something I’ve found that really helps me working remotely, especially how it sort of blended the work and life balance even more while working from home is setting each day up with a routine and keeping that. It gives me a bit more structure to the day and feels like you’ve achieved something before you even start. So for me that looks like, getting up doing so some sort of form of exercise, or a bit of meditation, a cold shower, then eating some breakfast and than I start work.

You can check out more about Gecko Traxx on their website and connect with Ryan on Linkedin.

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