"We believe inclusive and accessible technology shouldn’t be remarkable; it should be the norm but for the one in five people living with disability this isn’t the reality."
One Remarkable mission

Our mission is simple – until we live in a world where barriers to full inclusion and participation in society don’t exist for people with disability we’ll keep advocating for change.

Our Inclusion and Accessibility Commitment

On our journey toward a more inclusive and accessible world, we’re committed to constantly discovering and evolving.

We accept that as consumers of technology we too have much to learn about how to fully lead by example, but our commitment is that we’ll never stop striving to do better and be better.

Through this process we’ll invite you all to celebrate the diversity of humanity and offer a platform for the often underrepresented voices, advocates, problem solvers, and changemakers to join the conversation and educate others.

Our commitment is to celebrate and transform technology so that every person can show they are remarkable!

Practicing what we preach

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to equally participate, contribute and feel valued, but we also understand the importance of practicing what we preach.

At Remarkable events and throughout our accelerator program we provide opportunities for participants to request accessibility requirements, as well as, being sure to provide Auslan interpreting, closed captions, and full transcripts of online recordings at all external events.

We do acknowledge that as the digital workspace is rapidly evolving there are still existing barriers that cause people to feel excluded. To address this we do our best to source the most accessible technologies and maintain an honest dialogue about gaps in accessibility that may appear.

We strive to ensure everyone is treated respectfully and equitably.

The language we use

While the Remarkable team communicates with person-first language we respectfully acknowledge and adjust our language according to individual preferences.

The future we hope for

Long term we’re working toward a world where all technology is inclusive and accessible. Until then we hope to unearth entrepreneurs breaking down barriers for people with disability and to inspire existing technologies to inclusively transform their products and join this commitment to inclusion and accessibility.

We are always striving to improve

As a team, we’re always looking for ways to improve our commitment to inclusion and accessibility but do encourage our community to share any advice or feedback to help us on this journey. If you would like to please contact us on hello@remarkable.org.au.

Do you know of a Remarkable discovery?

Do you know of an incredible startup creating technology to transform the lives of people with disability? Do you have a great tip for inclusive and accessible digital tools? Have you read a fantastic article about the startup or disability sector? We love learning about new and exciting advancements in this space so if you have any great ideas or information to share please let us know! You can email us on hello@remarkable.org.au