Introducing the Launcher 2024 cohort

We are so excited to introduce you to the 38 global early-stage startups taking part in our 2024 Launcher pre-accelerator program!

Hailing from Australia, United States, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada and Switzerland, the teams are about to dive into 8 weeks of weekly masterclass where they will be learning from disability and startup founders, one-on-one personalised startup coaching, opportunities to test their assumptions directly with customers and supporting one another with feedback and advice.

“Empowering innovation at the intersection of technology and inclusivity, I’m thrilled to welcome the 2024 Launcher cohort. A diverse group of entrepreneurs paving the way for a more accessible future. I can’t wait to support their journey and witness the next chapter of technology making a difference in the lives of people with disability.” Emma Earley, Head of Acceleration Programs, Remarkable

Launcher is made possible by the support of TPG Telecom Foundation and Cerebral Palsy Alliance, and the dedication of some of our amazing mentors, who time and again, give their time and expertise to support innovation in Disability Tech.

You’ll get to hear from and connect with these startups at Launcher’s upcoming Customer Showcase, on the 26th and 27th of March 2024. Register to attend the virtual event and perhaps, you too can make a mark as one of their early customers or supporters.

There will be two showcase sessions to fit our worldwide audience, register below:

Wed 27 March, 5:30pm-6:30pm AEDT

(7:30am CET, 10:30am AZT, 12:00pm BDT)

This screening accommodates the timezone of our 2024 Launcher participants based in Australia,Switzerland, Azerbaijan and Bangladesh. 

Thurs 28 March, 9:00am-10:00am AEDT

(3:00pm PDT, 6:00pm EDT, 7:00pm BRT)

This screening accommodates the timezone of participants based in Australia, United States, Brazil and Canada.

The Remarkable Launcher 2024 cohort

We are proud to introduce the 2024 cohort, see full list (in alphabetical order) below:


Developing ‘DrishT’, a navigation system for the visually impaired using computer vision, audio, and haptic feedback.

Location: Bangladesh.

Connect with ACME AI below.

2. Across the Cloud

Developing the Talk For Me app for alternative communication post-stroke and wearable sensors to track physical rehabilitation progress. 

Location: Australia

Connect with Across the Cloud below.

3. Aid Motion

Redesigning four-wheel walkers for improved manoeuvrability and user satisfaction in Australia.

Location: Australia

4. Altogether

Developing a mobile app that provides free access to legal information, offers legal assistance, connects users to disability support centres, facilitates reporting mechanisms for persons with disabilities, and offers disability compliance services for businesses and institutions.

Location: Azerbaijan

Connect with Altogether below.

5. BlissFlow

Developing a non-invasive urine removal device, providing a comfortable and effective solution for managing urinary incontinence in adults. 

Location: Australia

Connect with BlissFlow below.

6. Button

A mobile app transforming physical buttons into accessible digital versions for people with disabilities, enhancing their interaction with public services.

Location: Australia

7. ByStorm

Makeup accessories designed to universally attach to makeup items, making makeup more accessible for people with upper limb disabilities.

Location: Australia

Connect with ByStorm below.

8. Cortex

Offers a non-invasive, user-friendly cerebral blood flow monitoring and neurofeedback mechanism for home use, aiding Australians affected by brain disorders.

Location: Australia

Connect with Cortex below.

9. Embodify

Developing EmoteAI, a tool to enable those with verbal communication challenges to express and articulate themselves through character formation and journaling.

Location: Australia

10. Erge

Designing sexual wellness products for people with disabilities.

Location: United States.

11. Facial Gesture Recognition System

Detects eye movements and facial gestures to aid communication for individuals with Severe Speech and Motor Impairment (SSMI) throughout the day and night.

Location: Australia

12. Feelings Foundation

Digital mental health programs for autistic people.

Location: Australia

13. Geshido

An AI focus assistant that reduces workplace-induced burnout daily. Inspired by the needs of employees with often invisible cognitive disabilities, it minimises information overload to align and accelerate work on priorities real-time between employees and their managers.

Location: United States

Connect with Geshido below.

14. Hey Jean

An early-stage, women-led tech startup providing a B2B SaaS platform to help disability and aged care providers manage client care more efficiently.

Location: Australia

Connect with Hey Jean below.

15. Human Augmentation Lab

Developing NaviShare, a discreet, crowd-source powered navigation system designed for the visually impaired, offering hands-free indoor and outdoor wayfinding.

Location: United States

16. iVocab

Enhancing communication for those with impairments through a user-friendly Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) application, designed with AI integration and intuitive editing for quick, complex communication.

Location: Australia

Connect with iVocab below.

17. Lighthouse

Smart eyewear frames for the safe mobility of blind and low-vision people. Obstacle avoidance with fashion, wearability and comfort in mind!

Location: Switzerland

Connect with Lighthouse below.

18. Magnify Access

Bridging the accessibility gap in workplaces with W-PAS, a digital platform that streamlines the accommodation process for employees with disabilities.

Location: Canada

Connect with Magnify Access below.

19. My Ability Hub

Developing an accessibility software platform that helps people to play PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo games using only their mouse, trackpad, or eye gaze.

Location: Australia

Connect with My Ability Hub below.

20. NomNom Time

An app designed to assist neurodivergent individuals with meal planning, preparation and shopping, enhancing their dietary independence.

Location: Australia

21. Our Odyssey

Making video games accessible to all with a joystick overlay and software platform that enables play through mouse movement or eye gaze.

Location: United States

Connect with Our Odyssey below.

22. Quick Styx

Speeding up wound recovery in children undergoing achilles tendon surgery for clubfoot and other injuries utilising NASA-developed gauze.

Location: Australia

23. RehabExo

Developing soft exoskeletons and exosuits for adults and children with disabilities.

Location: Australia

Connect with RehabExo below.

24. Rehapp

A tool integrated into a walking aid that uses mobile technology to assess and monitor walking quality for stroke patients, improving rehabilitation outcomes.

Location: Australia

25. ReviMo

Designing smart mobility devices to enable individuals with disabilities to move independently within their homes, reducing caregiver strain.

Location: United States

Connect with ReviMo below.

26. RoPets

Providing companionship to the elderly and disabled through AI-powered robotic pets that monitor health and emotional well-being.

Location: Australia

Connect with RoPets below.

27. Sekond Skin Society

A health and fitness app designed around accessibility, so people with disabilities and people without disabilities can workout together.

Location: Canada

Connect with Sekond Skin Society below.

28. Seymour Accessiblity

Developing Sonic Script, an app that will bring real-time audio-to-text captions to mobile devices in order to make live events, such as weddings, conferences and funerals, more accessible for everyone including the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing community.

Location: United States

Connect with Seymour Accessibility below.

29. Soundclusive

A platform designed to breakdown barriers for disabled event lovers, providing a go-to hub for them to effortlessly access venue information, discover events and connect with like-minded and trained event enthusiasts.

Location: Australia

Connect with Soundclusive below.

30. Tangible Workshop

Designing Getabout Buggy, affordable, customisable beach wheelchairs to enhance mobility for individuals with special medical needs.

Location: Australia

Connect with Tangible Workshop below.

31. Teamy

Developing an app that will enable people with disability and their supports to remain connected and seamlessly share information.


32. Testa-Seat

Pioneering custom seating solutions using 3D printing to make them more affordable, supportive, and user-friendly.

Location: United States

Connect with Testa-Seat below.

33. The KOBE (Keep One Breathing Everywhere) Robot

Empowering Paediatric Patients with a Novel Tethered Ventilator-Carrying Robot

Location: Australia

Connect with The Kobe below.

34. The Stomal Sponge

 An innovative solution for managing neonatal and paediatric stomas, reducing complications and simplifying care.

Location: Australia

35. Vinculo.app

An AI-powered educational platform that assists educators in the learning journey of students with disabilities and learning disorders in Brazil.

Location: Brazil

Connect with Vinculo.app below.

36. Vysum

Developing assistive technologies to improve eye drop medication accessibility and manage eye health for older adults and people with disabilities.

Location: Australia

Connect with Vysum below.

37. Wired-Differently

AI-driven diagnostic tools for faster and more accurate assessment of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), and educational programs for affected individuals, families, caregivers, educators and health providers.

Location: Australia

38. ZipperBuddy

ZipperBuddy transforms traditional zippers on upper body clothing into user-friendly garments that can be easily fastened with one hand. ZipperBuddy is on a mission to enhance accessibility, preserve personal style, and empower users with a transformative and inclusive solution.

Location: United States

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