Introducing the #RA21 Founder Stories video series!

Since transitioning to a virtual accelerator program in 2020 we realised that beyond Zoom recordings and screenshots more needs to be done to capture high-quality content to promote our startups and to tell their story in the best way possible. In response to this, we’re super excited to be introducing a new addition to our accelerator called the ‘#RA21 Founder Series’!

What is the #RA21 Founder Stories Series?

With the help of Clothesline Content we are producing a series of 2-3 minute long-form profile stories on each startup. The purpose of this series is to provide our founders with the opportunity to share the origins of their story so that the world is able to understand the ‘why’ behind their startup and also to provide them with a piece of high-quality content that showcases their startup in a professional format.

Check out a few screen grabs from the final cuts of our stories so far!

Woman holding glasses up to her face while standing in a dimly lit optometrist.

Little girl giggling while an older woman fixes glasses to her face in an optometrist setting.

Little girl smiling and holding an eye testing tool up to her left eye smiling upwards.


Behind-The-Scenes of the series

We are almost finished with the filming of each founder story and so far it’s been an incredible experience! We’ve seen the founders flourish and we are so proud of their willingness to participate in this new initiative. Check out these BTS pictures on set of our series!

Young man seated at a long board room table with a microphone positioned on top of his head and two producers positioned behind a camera.

Lady seated behind a boardroom table with a camera operator and producer in front of her.

Two young women smiling seated in a boardroom with a camera setup around them.

We will be launching our first episode of the series on our social media very soon so be sure to follow our channels!

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