RecoveryVR | 2022 Demo Day Pitch


Christian Doran, CEO and Founder of RecoveryVR.


RecoveryVR provides a fun and engaging, medication-free, virtual reality application that motivates more adherence to rehab activities in the home or clinic while also providing measurement data, adherence tracking and unlimited healthcare access using a custom-built telehealth portal.


[00:23 – 03:26] Christian Doran

Have you ever had a physio injury? You know how rehab exercise is boring and you really do it. What about if you had a stroke or chronic pain or an injury at work? You had to do 3 hours per day, potentially four years to get back the life that you have right now. 65% of people give up on their rehab and often get worse, or develop other conditions because of it. And I understand why they give up. It’s not just the monotony. There’s travel time, out-of -pocket expense, physical pain, loss of income, anxiety and depression.

Hi my name Christian Doran and at RecoveryVR we help you never give up. RecoveryVR uses virtual reality to deliver gamified rehabilitation that is portable, low cost and always available. But most importantly, it’s fun and rewarding and motivates more reps and time in training that are the key metrics for effective rehabilitation.

We’ve built over 80 therapy apps so far, but from listening to our clients, we’ve unlocked something much bigger. Our remote patient management system allows a clinician to prescribe and track a patient’s exercise from anywhere in the world, plus deliver telehealth sessions, do measured assessments and monitor the improvement or decline of the patient.

Our clients love it, but it has also opened up much larger market opportunities than just motivating rehab. Since launching in early 2022, we’ve sold multi-year licenses in some of Australia’s leading rehab facilities, international universities, clinics and patients homes reaching a revenue of over $100,000. We’ve recently partnered with a provider who is developing a VR telehealth business to service the mining and manufacturing industries using our software.

We are now in talks with a metaverse company in the US to roll out RecoveryVR with insurers in that territory. VR therapy has been shown to deliver up to 20% improvement in motor function compared with conventional therapy. But I think that’s just the beginning. We’re RecoveringVR and working with prominent universities and clinicians to Increase that rate. While our team is full of film producers and game developers that make that therapy addictive and not feel like therapy at all. The Future of RecoveryVR is not only based on physical rehab. Version two of the product will be a VR health platform for a range of conditions, increasing our market potential, but also delivering on our mission of providing low cost access to health care for everyone.

We’re currently raising our seed round of 1.2 million and we already have 250,000. Subscribed will be using the investment to scale marketing, sales and research while also starting a telehealth delivery service of our own. If you are interested in investing or know anyone who might be, I’d love to have a chat. Let’s help people never give up. Thanks.


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