Disability Tech Accelerator

Are you building a startup that positively impacts disabled people? Are you developing assistive technology with a universal design approach? Remarkable’s global accelerator, with Australian and US programs, is here to support you. Our 16-week accelerator equips Disability Tech startups with seed funding, expert coaches and mentors, access to user feedback, and the skills needed to become commercially successful businesses that drive inclusion and accessibility.

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Why should you apply for Remarkable?

There are lots of accelerator program options, but how many of them really understand the company you’re trying to build? Remarkable is one of the longest-running Disability Tech accelerator in the world. We’ve accelerated nearly 50 companies over the last seven years that create assistive technology for the disability, aging, and health spaces, and we’ve got the content, support, and mentors you need to scale your business.

Since we’ve got dual accelerators running, you’ll learn how to bring your product to market in both countries. And unlike some other major accelerators, Remarkable has small cohorts, so you’ll experience one-on-one support and mentorship, and interact with a curated community of entrepreneurs solving similar problems.

What Remarkable program should I apply for - Australia or US?

We run two programs simultaneously — one program is run by our Australian-based team and the other by our US-based team.

These programs offer the same educational framework and it’s more a matter of the region that you are located  access to masterclasses. Additionally, Tuesday evening sessions accommodate both global cohorts to ensure everyone gets access to mentors and sessions that could be beneficial to either group. These programs will run during the same timeframe, however the Australian program will largely run between 9am-1pm AEDT and the US-program will run between 4-7PM ET.

Our accelerator program targets startups from across the globe working in disability and assistive tech. Our networks and experience are strongest in the Australian and the US markets, but we work with startups globally. If you are not based in Australia or the US, make sure you take into account time zone differences.

** These programs offer the same educational framework, but we offer two separate experiences to accommodate the market needs of different startups and the time zones of our global cohorts.

Would you like to become a remarkable Mentor?

Each cohort of Remarkable’s accelerator includes 7-10 startups which are supported by a team of expert mentors and coaches. The contributions of these volunteers are key to the growth of these startup founders over the 16 week program.

If you don’t have a reason to apply for the Remarkable accelerator program but still would like to make a difference then we encourage you to apply to be a mentor or coach for our upcoming cohort.



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