Australian AssistiveTech Accelerator

What is the Remarkable accelerator?

Our 16-week accelerator program focuses on startups that positively impact disabled people. It equips each company with $75,000 AUD of seed funding, expert coaches and mentors, access to user feedback, and the necessary skills to become commercially successful businesses to improve society.

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Why apply for Remarkable?


CURATED EXPERIENCE – Your weekly support includes one-on-one coaching, masterclasses, peer support, and expert Q&A sessions to support your startup learning journey. 

WEEKLY ACCOUNTABILITY – We help your startup progress faster and focus on the most critical things for your business’s growth.

ACCESS TO USER FEEDBACK – We train you to build out your user-testing protocol, and we provide regular opportunities for user feedback. (Note: Remarkable will make every effort to introduce you to people within our network to give relevant feedback about your specific product).

ACCESSIBILITY SUPPORT – We share guidance on ensuring that your website, product, and social media channels are built and implemented in the most accessible and inclusive ways.

PROFESSIONAL CONTENT – Founders will work with an external production company to create a high quality content Demo Day pitch video.


SEED FUNDING – $75,000 AUD cash for 5% equity. 

PERKS – Get access to thousands of dollars of free perks through Remarkable’s partners, including cloud storage credits, pro bono legal services, and more.

SUSTAINABILITY STRATEGY – When the program concludes, startups’ pitches will stream virtually to a Demo Day audience of 450+ investors, partners, and industry connections.


ACCESS TO LOCAL AND INTERNATIONAL NETWORKS – This includes connections with an array of industries including the disability, startup and government sectors, as well as international connections with ecosystems in Africa, India, UK, China, Canada, the US and New Zealand. 

MENTOR NETWORK – Access to a community of mentors with diverse expertise, including branding, accessing the NDIS, hardware manufacturing, hiring and human resources, and more.

DISABILITY MARKET ACCESS – Remarkable has deep connections to many disability-focused organisations in Australia and the US (including Cerebral Palsy Alliance). We’ll introduce you, as appropriate, and  invite them to events like Demo Day



REMARKABLE COACH – We will provide weekly or biweekly 1:1s to all teams. This ensures accountability and support, and identifies appropriate introductions based on your weekly focus.

MASTERCLASSES – Content delivered by and connections to world-class teachers and trainers.



You should have a demonstrated impact on disabled people — either through targeted design solutions or universally designed products —  and address problems arising due to disability, health, and/or ageing. Your product will focus on one or more of the following areas:

  • Early intervention
  • Autonomous mobility
  • Brain-computer interface 
  • Upskilling and reskilling people disabled, shaping the future of work
  • Smart and connected communities, cities, and homes 
  • Low cost assistive technologies
  • Increased community participation in all areas, including travel, leisure, education, self-care, and more.


Remarkable seeks post-product, post-revenue startups that haven’t experienced massive revenue or growth yet.

For med-tech-focused companies,  we understand that post-revenue may not be achieved yet. You should still apply.


We like founders with global aspirations, and we seek hardware or software technology that could be scaled.


Our networks and experience are strongest in the Australian and the US markets, but we work with startups globally. If you are not based in Australia, make sure you take into account time zone differences.


We’re called Remarkable for a reason. We want to push the boundaries of technology — we’re not looking for copies of a technology that’s already in-market. What makes your startup unique? What makes your startup remarkable?



The program will run from August through November 2024.

Weekly Commitments

The total expected commitment during an average week will be around 7 to 10 hours. Group programming will go for 3 hours each week.


The program will be mostly virtual, though we would like to bring the group together in-person at some point during the program .



Applications for our next program open in March 2024. 

We will accept applications from individuals and teams. If applying as an individual, please consider how you will continue running your business as well as managing the program deliverables. Have a think about if you can engage some volunteers or interns to support by running of parts of your business to give you some support.

The application questions for our 2024 program will likely be different, but in case you would like to know the type of questions we have asked in the past, you can download the ones from 2023.

Remarkable #RA23 Application Template (PDF)

Remarkable #RA23 Application Template (Word Doc)

Remarkable works with for profit (for purpose) businesses.


Stage 1 – The Application

  • Applications to be submitted via the digital airtable form.
  • Applications close at 18:00pm AEDT 2nd December

Stage 2 – Screening 

  • Selection panel reviews applications
  • Invitations sent to selected teams for the first-round of interviews

Stage 3 – Notification 

  • Post Interviews – teams are notified
  • Finalisation and notification of #RA23 startups

Program commences August 2024 and runs until November 2024.

*Please note timing may vary


Any pain point or barrier that someone experiences. You might like to think about areas like Mobility, Communication, Technology for Work, Adaptive Sporting Equipment, Smarter Homes and Communities and Independent Living. If you'd like clarification if the problem you’re solving is relevant, have a conversation with us.

No, we are looking for game changing technologies that have a big impact on all people with disability, including cerebral palsy.

Yes. If you don’t have an MVP yet or are still working on it, then Launcher, our pre-accelerator program, is better suited for you. Learn more about Launcher and submit an expression of interest for our 2024 program here.

Yes, we love the intersection between disability, ageing and health. We look for applicability to the disability sector and we often find that there is quite a bit of overlap with the aged care market.


Our accelerator program targets startups from across the globe working in disability and assistive tech. Our networks and experience are strongest in the Australian and the US markets, but we work with startups globally. If you are not based in Australia or the US, make sure you take into account time zone differences.

The accelerator program is designed to accelerate your business. The programmatic elements are not full-time. To get the most from the program, you will want to be able to commit an average of 7-10 hours per week.

Our 16 week accelerator program equips startups with seed funding and the knowledge, skills and tools needed to grow a successful and scalable business that also has a positive impact.


After 16 weeks of learning and growth all startups will have the chance to pitch in front of a host of stakeholders and investors during Remarkable Demo Day.


Our program is a safe and innovative space for people across every gender, race, ethnicity, religion, country of origin, sexual orientation and disability.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or if you require assistance accessing our program or application. You can reach us at hello@remarkable.org.

Yes, we will ensure our program meets the needs of the founders. Prior to commencing all startups will meet with the Remarkable team to set the foundations for the program and find ways to best serve the accessibility needs of all founders.


Remarkable has a great network of individuals with lived experience of disability who founders will be introduced to during the program.

We also train you to build out your user-testing approach, and we provide regular opportunities for user feedback. (Note: Remarkable will make every effort to introduce you to people within our network to give relevant feedback about your specific product).

Yes, we believe this is one of our super-powers – Remarkable prides itself on being made possible by CPA and CPARF. And we have great partnerships with many other organisations within the disability and startup sectors.

If you have additional questions not covered in the FAQ section please feel free to submit your question directly to the Remarkable team by completing this form or by emailing hello@remarkable.org.
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