Scaling Your Impact
The Remarkable Scaler program helps ambitious Disability Tech venture founders turn their successful product into a successful business.
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Remarkable Scaler Program

Made possible by Cerebral Palsy Alliance, the Remarkable Scaler program provides Seed to Series A stage funding and individualised strategic support for Disability Tech ventures. 

Our program aims to help founders secure the coaching, mentoring, industry connections and frameworks to work out how to scale, mitigate risk and execute with excellence.

Why apply?

Seed to Series A Funding

Scaler will provide investment as part of your Seed or Series A funding, which is determined by your startup’s defined needs and goals. 

Bespoke Program

Scaler is a bespoke program that helps you identify key strategic developments and implement strategies that will improve your ongoing investment readiness. This includes regular check-ins, coaching and access to expert mentoring.

Industry Network

You will have access to Remarkable’s extensive network that extends across the Australian disability, aged and health markets, plus global networks that can support scaling your business.

Who are we looking for?


You are an ambitious Disability Tech venture founder and have decided to raise a Seed to Series A round.


Your product is in-market* with established market demand and you are seeking early growth capital to scale.

*Unless you are a Med Tech startup with a clear regulatory path.

Disability Tech

You are a Disability Tech startup providing solutions at the intersection of disability, ageing and health.

What areas of focus are we looking for?

We are looking to support solutions at the intersection of disability, ageing and health. The current areas of focus for Scaler are:

  • AI and Augmenting Ability – Harnessing AI to augment human ability, or new products and materials for high performance inclusive sport.
  • Communication – Technology to enable fast and natural communication. 
  • Inclusive play/eSports – Technology to include the next generation of children in active play and inclusive gaming. 
  • Mobility – Solutions to target autonomous and independent movement and low cost assistive devices. 
  • Smart Homes and Communities – IOT for greater independence and autonomy in the home and the community. 
  • Work – Solutions to build the future of accessible and inclusive work. 

What do you need to apply?

In our initial application form we will ask you to provide your latest pitch deck and if we think there’s a potential fit, we will then request access to your complete data room. Below is a summary of the three key things needed for your application. 

Pitch Deck

Your latest pitch deck that provides an overview of your business plan, products, services and growth traction.

Data Room

Your well-organised and thorough data room containing documentation that showcases your startup’s strengths and performance.

Fundraising Strategy

Your fundraising strategy with clear, specific, achievable, measurable, and time-bound goals.

Ready to apply for Scaler?

Frequently Asked Questions

Find our frequently asked questions below. If you can’t find an answer to your questions below, please use the question submission form or send us an email to hello@remarkable.org.

Application Process

Applications are received and considered on a rolling basis. There is no formal close date.

The initial application questions for our Scaler program can be found in the online application form. 

In your initial application, we will ask you to include your latest pitch deck. If we think there’s a potential fit, we will then request access to your complete data room.

You will find out the outcome of your application 4 weeks after providing all required information, including your latest pitch deck, future fundraising strategy and access to your complete data room.

Please note, within this time frame, before the final decision is made you will be asked to meet with our team (virtually or in-person) to complete the assessment process. 

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Board of Directors.

We take all reasonable precautions to safeguard your information from loss, misuse, unauthorised access, modification, disclosure or destruction. We may store your files in electronic or hard copy form (on our premises or stored offsite in secure facilities). We implement a range of physical and electronic security measures to protect the personal information that we hold, including, depending on the circumstances, electronic access controls (such as login and password protection), premises security and network firewalls. Learn more about the Remarkable and CPA Privacy Policy.


Yes, while we’re based in Australia and the US, we’d love to work with any ventures who are tackling the biggest problems at the intersection of disability, ageing and health and who otherwise meet our Scaler criteria.

Yes, Scaler investments are intended for ventures.

Yes, your product needs to be post-revenue, unless you are a medtech company with a clear regulatory path and have made solid progress on that front.

No, we encourage applications from both people with disability and people without disability. 

Yes, you can apply with how many startups you’d like. You will need to submit a different application form for each and to make sure that you give them different names.

Yes, your product or service needs to be in market, unless you are a med-tech company with a clear regulatory path and have made solid progress on that front.

Program Offering

The bespoke program runs between a 12 - 24 month period with regular check-ins and support from the Head of Investment.

Together with you, we will regularly review your investment readiness level and work out where your venture needs the most help and where it makes the most sense for Remarkable to provide support.

The goal is to help selected Disability Tech ventures achieve Series B investment level readiness.

Yes, we deliver the Scaler program virtually.

This is an accessible environment where everyone is welcome and included.

Our programs are a safe and innovative space for people across every visible and invisible disability, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, country of origin, sexual orientation, and age. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or if you require assistance accessing our program or application. You can reach us at hello@remarkable.org

You should expect weekly 15-30 minute calls with our Head of Investment to stay up-to-date on your progress and co-identify areas where Remarkable can provide additional strategic support.

You should also expect quarterly 30-45 minute calls with the Head of Investment to co-reassess your investment readiness level, cash runway and performance against pre-formulated milestones, all with the goal of getting you to the next stage of investment.

We welcome startups from all around the world and we will schedule meetings only at times that work for you and that we can reasonably accommodate.

No, the Remarkable Scaler is free.


Remarkable will receive equity or future equity according to the terms of the transaction.

As mentioned while Remarkable will receive equity or future equity according to the terms of the transaction, we will let you run your business your way and only collaboratively identify and execute on areas where we will provide additional strategic support. 

Based on the information provided in your application the Investment Board will determine the amount of funding they believe will help you achieve your milestones. 


No, we can’t. We hear hundreds of ideas a year, some of them quite similar. We would be exposing ourselves to unnecessary risk if we signed an NDA and later accepted an application from someone with an idea or company similar to yours. We also believe that the success of startups is tied to a number of factors (e.g. team, network, product-market fit, execution) that outweigh the value of a good idea.

The IP regarding anything created during, before or after the Scaler program will be solely owned by its creators.

Have a different question?

Please reach out using the form below if you have any specific questions that are not listed above.



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