Seven Remarkable Coaches

If you were to ask us to write a list of the reasons we love what we do, you would need to provide us with a verryyyyyy long piece of paper and several packets of sharpies. You would also not be surprised to see at the top of the list would be our community of founders, mentors, partners and friends, who really bring our accelerator to life!


To help embed this sense of community into our new virtual accelerator experience we welcomed seven incredible startup coaches onboard our #RA21 journey. These coaches were allocated to one startup each and provided the founders with the guidance, expert advice, and friendship they needed to navigate our program.


We asked our coaches to share their experiences, check out what they had to say below!


What was your highlight of the RA21 program?

Headshot of Addy who is a woman wearing black leather jacket is smiling at the camera.

“The program itself is a highlight in my calendar! I love seeing founders learn and grow over the 14 weeks. I was very fortunate this year to be paired with Mohamed. He presents with such energy and passion, but when you realize he was ill with COVID, navigating the Tunisian startup ecosystem, and working in the opposite time zone – it demonstrates his dedication to learning, building a great product and changing lives. I have so much respect for Mohamed,” said Adeline Chu, Startup Coach for Cure Bionics


Headshot of Agi, who is a woman standing in an office setting wearing corporate clothing and smiling at the camera.

“The highlight of the program was seeing the confidence of the startup founder I was working with grow throughout the program and getting to connect with the other coaches on a weekly basis,” said Agi Reefman, Startup Coach for Spix App.


Headshot of Alan, who is a man holding his hands together in front of his chest looking directly at the camera in a dark studio setting. “The moment I persuaded Jatin (the Founder of Humane) that Humane Care was good enough to start charging customers to use it,” said Alan Jones, Startup Coach for Humane.


What was one lesson you gained from being a startup coach?

Headshot of Poppy, who is a woman standing in a social setting smiling at the camera.

“How do I pick one? I learned sooo much being part of this program and from my amazing startup founder, Maddy. The program brought in some incredible experts who shared so much wisdom I wouldn’t even know where to start! Maddy taught me how important a learning mindset is, how asking for help can be your biggest superpower and how important grit is (but how equally important it is to take a break and focus on being healthy and happy),” said Poppy Rouse, Startup Coach for Speckles.


Headshot of Ben, who is a man smiling while outdoors in front of greenery.

I learnt that even the smallest observations and recollections of my time as a startup value could save founders huge amounts of stress, time and money, so always share them!” said Ben Grozier, Startup Coach for Theraplay.TV.


What do you enjoy most about being part of the Remarkable community?

“EVERYTHING! I think I’ve been parHeadshot of Kate, who is a woman wearing a white shirt standing leaning against a wooden door. t of Remarkable for the past five years and I can honestly say it has changed my life! I challenge anyone to find a better community of inspiring, purpose-driven people who are also so much fun! I feel immensely proud to be part of this community. The startups, the Remarkable team, the mentors and coaches – everyone is awesome! I regularly pinch myself that I am part of this and contributing in a tiny way to support Remarkable with making the world more inclusive. Thank you to Remarkable for the opportunity,” said Kate Jenkins, Startup Coach for Wearable & Co.


Headshot of Ben, who is a man wearing a blue collared shirt in a white studio setting.

“The underlying community ethos of Remarkable is to be courageous, to be inclusive, to pay it forward, to be generous, to do business with heart and soul – a beautiful combo hard to find!” said Ben Reid, Startup Coach for MediStays.


We are so grateful for the incredible dedication and passion each of these coaches displayed throughout the year. The #RA21 program would not have been possible without their incredible work and energy and we can’t wait to work with them all again in the future!

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