Springrose | 2023 Demo Day Pitch


Nicole Cuervo, Founder and CEO of Springrose.


Springrose designs adaptive intimate apparel that improves quality of life for women with limited mobility.


[00:00 – 02:50] Nicole

My grandmother Rose was an unstoppable woman but she had chronic pain and arthritis that made it challenging to get dressed in the morning. And she’s not alone. In the US, one in three adult women has some form of limited mobility. That’s because there are 50 different injuries, illnesses and disabilities that affect women of all ages and impact their ability to get dressed painlessly and independently. Everything from a temporary broken bone or frozen shoulder to more permanent things like arthritis, MS, stroke and cerebral palsy. Bras are a particularly acute problem. That’s because traditional bras require two hands, high dexterity to connect the hooks, and the ability to move your shoulders behind you.

Hi, I’m Nicole Cuervo, founder and CEO of Springrose. We design adaptive intimate apparel to improve quality of life for women with limited mobility. We’ve designed an adaptive bra that gives women back their time, their dignity and their independence. It can be put on multiple different ways, including with one hand, or with limited dexterity or two bad shoulders by putting it overhead or stepping into it. 

Adaptive apparel is expected to reach $400 billion by 2026 worldwide. North America is responsible for 46% of that, so the opportunity is there. And we know women want this because on ad tests, we had ten times the click-through rate at one fifth of the cost of industry averages. And that’s because there’s no good solution on the market right now. Currently, women must compromise. They have to compromise on functionality, comfort, attractiveness, sizing, or safety with pacemakers and other health implants. 

With us, there is no compromise. And here are some comments from women who tried our product. Pamela mentions how she loved having something easy to take off at the end of the day when she had a flare up from a multiple sclerosis. Suzanne enjoyed the flexibility and the design, because with her chronic pain, she doesn’t know how she’s gonna wake up some days. And Libby mentioned how comfortable the bra was, which is what customers care the most about in our survey tests. 

As such, our go-to-market strategy is threefold. First, we’re investing in search and digital ads, which we have already done really well in, and there are specific long-tail keywords that people are looking for, such as “bra for women with arthritic hands” and “bra for stroke survivors” that apply to us. We’re also partnering with physical and occupational therapists across the country so they can recommend our product to their patients. And we are doing pop-ups around senior living and retirement communities because we know that 84% of apparel purchases still happen through a combination of online and in-person. We launched with pre-orders in May and already have sales. And we’re launching fully in market at the end of summer. 

I hope you’ll join us in improving quality of life for millions of people. You can buy our bra for yourself or a loved one, and if you’re a clinician, you can email me to set up a demo and get your free samples, or you can connect with me and we can figure out how else we can partner. Thank you so much.

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