Meet our #RA23 Disability Tech Startups

From brain-computer interface technology in everyday life, to extended reality navigation solutions, we are so excited to announce the innovative Disability Tech startups in our 2023 Remarkable Accelerator (#RA23) cohort.

This year the Accelerator, which is made possible by Cerebral Palsy Alliance and Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation, includes startups from Australia, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Each startup works with 1 of 10 expert coaches, who guide them on their Remarkable journey.

Check out the full list of these startups (in alphabetical order) and their coaches below!

Meet our #RA23 startups

Aurie is building a reusable no-touch catheter system to help intermittent catheter users avoid urinary tract infections. (US)

Startup Coach: Laura Anderson

Enabled Play levels the playing field for people with disabilities by giving them new ways to control their technology that work for them. (US)

Startup Coach: Sam Lazarus

Focus Bear is a routine-building and anti-distraction app for neurodiverse individuals. (AUS)

Startup Coach: Ben Reid

Hominid X develops transformative assistive grasping devices to help individuals with hand disabilities to gain greater functional independence. (US)

Startup Coach: Sam Lazarus

Indii is enabling independence for disabled and older people by unlocking the potential of the smart home. (UK)

Startup Coach: Cheryl Gledhill

MEMORehab is an online platform on a mission to build better memory habits. (AUS)

Startup Coach: James Stewart

Possibility Neurotechnologies is bridging the gap between BCI and everyday life, empowering individuals to control the world around them with just their thoughts. (Canada)

Startup Coach: Varun Chandak

SpineX Inc. is a clinical-stage bioelectric MedTech company committed to delivering spinal cord neuromodulation technologies to improve the lives of people with neurological conditions. (US)

Startup Coach: Laura Anderson

Springrose designs adaptive intimate apparel that improves quality of life for women with limited mobility. (US)

Startup Coach: Molly Levitt

The Care Co teaches kids aged 5-12 mental health habits in the classroom and beyond. (AUS)

Startup Coach: Pete Lead

Virtetic is empowering the prosthetics community through virtual reality. (AUS)

Startup Coach: Warren Bingham

XR Navigation is making Audiom: The world’s most inclusive visual, auditory, and tactile digital-only map viewer. (US)

Startup Coach: Ellen Kourakos

Coming up for #RA23

Our 16-week Accelerator equips these startups with seed funding and the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools to take their startup to the next stage and to make a positive social impact. Through masterclasses, sprints, and deep dives, startups hone their work with personal coaches. It all culminates in pitches to more than 500 international investors, partners, and industry connections at Demo Day, which will take place on August 4, 2023, where the founders will showcase their growth, impact and goals.

Follow our socials for more information on Demo Day and our Accelerator!

Special thanks

We’d like to thank the incredible community of mentors and masterclass hosts who bring our program to life! Also a special thanks to our partners icare NSW*, Telstra Foundation, VivCourt, James and Pamela Griffith Family Foundation.

*icare only provides financial support to startups based in Australia.

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