Remarkable looks for startups who are focused on using technology to unleash human potential and create life changing solutions for people with disability. We are working to address core activities such as wellbeing, independence and inclusion or drive innovation in the disability sector.

The Remarkable Accelerator has been a successful launch pad for startups who have secured further funding, significantly grown their customer base and launched new products.

  • Ability Made

    3D printed custom-made Ankle Foot Orthoses.

  • Cartoon wheelchair pushing right with letter A in the middle of the wheel


    The first complete fitness app created specifically for people with impairments.

  • Aubot


    Aubot builds robots that help people with disability in their everyday lives.

  • Aurie

    Aurie is building a reusable no-touch catheter system to help intermittent catheter users avoid urinary tract infections

  • Autism Swim

    Autism Swim

    A certification, learning and support platform to help prevent drownings for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder / cognitive deficit.

  • Purple background with the letter b in white


    Design smart wearable robots to empower mobility and discovery in children with Cerebral Palsy.

  • bookbot


    Bookbot empowers those with learning disabilities to become confident, independent learners through a reading assistant app.

  • Text which reads Bump!n in purple writing


    Sexual pleasure is a human right but many disabled people cannot self pleasure due to hand limitations. Bump’n believes everyone should be able to ‘get off’ and is creating the first line of sex toys that don’t require the use of your hands.

  • Cephable logo of an octopus tentacle.


    Cephable levels the playing field for people with disabilities by giving them new ways to control their technology that works for them.

  • CPToys


    CPToys provides individualised therapy advice to therapists and families of children with cerebral palsy by matching toys to a child’s age and specific therapy goals.

  • Cure Bionics

    Cure Bionics creates 3D-printed and customizable bionics prosthetic arms that enhance the human body with multi-grip functionality and empowering aesthetics for below elbow amputee adults and children aged 8 and above with the aim to make it more accessible and cool-to-wear.

  • Enabler


    Mobile games and simulations to train and educate support workers for the disability sector.

  • Equal Reality

    Equal Reality

    Diversity and Inclusion Training in Virtual Reality.

  • A graphic of a bear that is a yellow colour with black outlines.

    Focus Bear 

    Focus Bear is a routine building and anti-distraction app for neurodiverse individuals.

  • Gecko Traxx

    Gecko Traxx

    A portable and affordable wheelchair accessory that enables people to get off-road and explore the great outdoors.

  • Hearoes


    An interactive auditory training and hearing assessment platform for hearing impaired recipients.

  • Graphical outline of a house


    Are on a mission to increase the independence of those living with a disability through smart home technology.

  • Hominid X

    Hominid X develops transformative assistive grasping devices to help individuals with hand disabilities to gain greater functional independence.

  • Indii

    Indii is enabling independence for disabled and older people by unlocking the potential of the smart home.

  • Kindship

    Kindship is a global peer support network that lets parents caring for children with disability connect with, learn from, and support other parents just like them.

  • Like Family

    An accessible online platform connecting people with disabilities (or ill, injured or frail) with locals offering companionship and non-medical home care.

  • loop+


    An activity tracker for wheelchair users that assesses risk and monitors prescribed care plans in everyday life.

  • Lusio Rehab

    Lusio Rehab

    Gamified rehabilitation for people with disability or injured, using wearable technology.

  • Maslow


    A voice enabled life assistant for young people living with paralysis. Maslow enables users to independently manage their care and rehab routines, communicate with health specialists and access best practice health education where it matters most – at home.

  • MediStays

    MediStays is the leading Australian website assisting patients, carers and health care professionals to book hospital, NDIS accommodation and other accessible accommodation.

  • MEMORehab

    MEMORehab is an online platform on a mission to build better memory habits.

  • Neurodiversity Media

    Neurodiversity Media

    Neurodiversity Media creates accessible information resources to empower the neurodivergent population to fulfil their potential through the dignity of work.

  • the word nuroflux on a white background


    The world’s first wearable to non-invasively monitor brain activity and blood flow alongside other vital activity relevant to stroke and stroke rehabilitation.

  • 5 meerkats above a half moon with the words Participant Assistive Products underneath

    Participant Assistive Products

    Is democratizing high-quality assistive products and putting them within reach of unserved people, starting with the 70 million people who need but do not have a wheelchair or the mobility, health, inclusion, and dignity that an appropriate wheelchair can provide.

  • polyspine


    A customised, modular torso and head support system that enables people with physical disability to participate in various recreational and rehabilitation activities.

  • Possibility Neurotechnologies

    Possibility Neurotechnologies Bridging the gap between BCI and everyday life, empowering individuals to control the world around them with just their thoughts.

  • Digital outline of a head facing left wearing a VR headset


    Provides a fun and engaging, medication-free, virtual reality application that motivates more adherence to rehab activities in the home or clinic while also providing measurement data, adherence tracking and unlimited healthcare access using a custom-built telehealth portal.

  • ResusRight

    Working to prevent the death and disability of newborn babies who require resuscitation after birth through the development of an inexpensive resuscitation monitor.

  • sameview


    A trusted online platform for easier, and better disability care coordination.

  • SignHow

    SignHow is changing the world one sign at a time. Empowering deaf people to build 300 sign languages together.

  • Sound Scouts

    Sound Scouts

    A game designed to detect hearing loss in children, especially around the time they start school.

  • Speckles

    Speckles are experts in the field of children’s vision with fun and innovative products, including adjustable glasses for kids and eye patches kids want to wear, whilst providing education and support throughout your child’s vision journey.

  • SpineX

    SpineX Inc. is a clinical-stage bioelectric MedTech company, committed to delivering spinal cord neuromodulation technologies to improve the lives of people with neurological conditions.

  • Spix App

    Spix App is a tool for gamers with impaired speech to support social connection and rich interaction in-game.

  • Spokle


    A speech therapy app in your pocket that provides practical, family-centred communication strategies to support children with communication disorders.

  • Springrose

    Springrose designs adaptive intimate apparel that improves quality of life for women with limited mobility.

  • The Care Co logo featuring a blue graphic of a personified blueberry graphic that has a smiley face.

    The Care Co

    The Care Co teaches kids aged 5-12 mental health habits in the classroom and beyond.

  • The Shapes United

    The Shapes United is an inclusive and adaptive everyday clothing range, designed for all abilities to enable everyone the opportunity to feel their best selves.

  • UMPS Health

    Umps Health empowers people to live independently at home. Our non-intrusive technology identifies declines in health, and raises an alert before an incident occurs.

  • Virtetic

    Virtetic is empowering the prosthetics community through virtual reality.

  • Wayhome


    Tenant Matching Service for accessible, inclusive and assistive homes.

  • Shapes that represent the letter W


    Is a haptics design company that designs products and experiences that deliver information through touch.

  • Wheeleasy


    An Access Information Website for wheelchair users & their family and friends.

  • Black and orange outline of the letter X.


    Xceptional specialises in neurodivergent talent and creating accessible, inclusive workplaces.

  • XR Navigation

    XR Navigation is making Audiom: The world’s most inclusive visual, auditory, and tactile digital only map viewer.

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