Woah, we’re halfway there!

Yep, that’s right, somehow we have just passed the halfway mark of our 2021 Design-athon…and sorry in advance for having Bon Jovi stuck in your head.


Over the past couple of weeks, our participants have made amazing strides towards their problem statement solutions! This is thanks to the support of the Sprintbase team who have been guiding our teams through the design-thinking process. A few teams have done amazing jobs at documenting their progress so far and you can check out the A Teams first interview below!


Team ‘A Team’: Recording of their First interview

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5V3elkCR1Q[/embedyt]


In addition to the amazing work taking place with the help of Sprintbase, some other highlights of the journey so far have included:

  1. Matt Leete, Founder of Spix App and winner of our 2020 Designathon stopped by for a fireside chat.
  2. We welcomed our community of user-testers to the Design-athon journey to help support the inclusive design-making process.
  3. Seeing our teams take their ideas out into the world to start to develop their solutions!
  4. Most recently, getting an excuse to make a Bon Jovi reference.


Over the remainder of the Design-athon teams will be knuckling down to fine-tune their solutions in preparation for our pitch night, which is taking place next Thursday the 30th of September.


How can you help support the teams prepare for pitch night? Well, we are glad you asked!


Some of our teams are looking for people to complete online surveys to help with their market research and we would love for you to jump in and take part. Below are a few of these surveys for you to consider:

  • Team ‘eMotion’, is looking into designing accessible smart-tech solutions for nighttime use, with the aim to help people with disabilities gain independence and autonomy during the night and in a low-cost manner. Complete their survey here.
  • Team ‘Your 100-Year Life’, is investigating how we can provide all Australians with access to useful devices and services to make homes smarter and safer, and we need your help. Complete their survey here.
  • Team ‘Future City’, is looking to solve how might we make self-employment radically more inclusive and accessible to people with disabilities. Complete their survey here.


We can’t wait to see what our participants will achieve over the remainder of our Design-athon!