Biomotum | 2022 Demo Day Pitch


Ray Browning, Co-Founder and CEO of Biomotum.


Biomotum’s wearable rehabilitation robots empower mobility and discovery in children with Cerebral Palsy.


[00:30 – 03:45] Ray Browning

Ray Browning, co-founder and CEO of Biomotum. I’d like to start by saying this is the most exciting and impactful work of my career.

At Biomotum, We build wearable robots that help people to walk. Why? Because one in seven individuals have difficulty walking, meaning everyday tasks are hard, if not impossible, and the resulting physical inactivity contributes to poor health and limited productivity.

Improving walking involves a combination of physical therapy and assistive devices, but the access to physical therapy is limited. Gait training is not efficient, and assistive devices don’t adapt to the changing needs of the individual.

Our first product is the spark, an easy to use robotic ankle assistant that can deliver efficient adaptive therapy on demand. Research participants have taken over 1 million steps, and the results are impressive. Children with cerebral palsy improved their walking speeds. 3 to 6 times faster than current approaches. The spark makes it possible to improve mobility anytime, anywhere. Our control algorithms allow the device to be used on stairs, up and down hills and over rough terrain. No other product can do this.

I’d like to show you a video of one of our research participants. Pay particular attention to their walking speed and the way they walk.This is an 11 year old child with cerebral palsy. Prior to using the spark, their walking speed was about one mile per hour, which is not fast enough to cross a crosswalk. After only four weeks of using the spark three times a week, their walking speed nearly doubled. The impact of this improvement is best captured by what parents say. This is life changing.

We are capitalizing on the electrification of transport and advances in robotics to create wearable personal mobility solutions that are effective and affordable. And given the number of people who have trouble walking. The market opportunity is massive.

We’ll sell our product to three customer groups researchers conducting groundbreaking studies on new ways to use this type of technology. Physical therapists, the workhorses of medicine who will use it to deliver effective therapy. And patients delivering the ability to do therapy at home while assisting with daily life.

We’ve assembled an amazing team. Zach is a global leader in Rehabilitation Robotics. Phil is a PT and veteran of the exoskeleton industry, and Steve is a wearable device design guru.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss our seed round and connections to health care partners. Please reach out. I’d like to leave you with this. All of us will experience difficulty walking. We can either be inactive and in poor health or we can thrive. A Biomotum. We will help you thrive.

Thank you.


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