2022 Remarkable Highlights

As we approach the end of 2022 we want to take this opportunity to reflect on everything we have achieved this year, and to say we’ve done ‘a lot’ feels like the understatement of the century. 

In the interest of time/space we’ve listed just a few of the amazing highlights from this year:

1. Announced the launch of our Remarkable US program
2.Launched our Remarkable Insights podcast 
3.Hosted the first-ever Disability-Tech Summit in San Francisco
4. Celebrated the completion of our inaugural Launcher Program
5. Hosted our #RA22 virtual Demo Day
6. Released our second Founder Stories Series
8. Appeared at the Disability Royal Commission ‘Vision for Inclusive Australia’
9. Welcomed three new team members

Head of Startup Ecosystem


Head of Technology Implementation

Molly levitt 

Director of Remarkable US

Phew! We might just have a little lie down now! Haha! But on behalf of Cerebral Palsy Alliance, we send a special thanks to our partners icare NSW, Telstra, Vivcourt, SmartJob and TPG Telecom Foundation. 

It’s also important that we thank the community of Remarkable supporters including our startup founders, mentors, coaches, facilitators, friends and the extended Remarkable family!

We would not have been able to achieve everything that we did without this incredible community so from the bottom of our hearts we thank you all.

We are growing!

The idea for Remarkable developed in 2014 after a single design-athon event, that has since evolved into a hub of global programs, fellowships, summits and knowledge exchange, that supports the emerging disability-tech startup sector and the growth of innovation that positively impacts people with disabilities. While we have been around for a little under 7 years, the best is yet to come.

We often say that we are grateful for the advocates and allies who have come before. And we have both a right and a responsibility because of their work. Now we see a strong convergence happening, creating the conditions for rapid change. First, there is a recognition of the rich history of innovation by and with the disability community. Coupled with the fact that starting a company being the cheapest it has ever been, creates conditions for remarkable innovation. Second, there is an emerging market where people with disabilities are recognised for their purchasing power. Choice and control help shape markets. Mixed with this is the rise of diversity, equity and inclusion. This has begun to elevate disability in new ways in the corporate boardrooms of the world. And third, the rise of conscious capital and impact investing is seeing more investments flow into an often under-represented area of the market that is having both impact and profitability.

So Remarkable is growing the team in a deliberate way to help shepherd a really important part of this change. It is helping to create some more capacity across the global programs we are now running and also providing a greater extension of the pathway of support we can offer founders.

Can you help us find our newest team members?

Head of Investment

The Head of Investment role is a newly created hybrid role that will lead the commercialisation and scaling support that focuses on Seed / Series A stage companies in disability, ageing and health related areas. It helps assess the portfolio of companies that Remarkable is supporting, and build their investment readiness.

You’ll be working closely with Pete Horsley, Founder of Remarkable

Digital Campaigns and Engagement Manager

This role is responsible for building our online presence through execution of digital campaigns, brand awareness through creation and implementation of engaging and relevant content and building meaningful relationships between various customer segments and Remarkable.

You’ll be working closely with Viv Mullan, Marketing and Communications Manager

Project Coordinator

The Project Coordinator role is a newly created hybrid role that will deliver a range of high-level services to support members of the Remarkable team to help bring to life the events and programs and to help systematise internal processes and automations.

You’ll be working closely with George Miller, Head of Operations.

We are committed as an equal opportunity employer and will provide adjustments so you can do your best work. If you experience any issues or have any questions please contact Shelley Hensel on 9975 8033 or email hello@remarkable.org

So if you think you could be the remarkable person we need and if you want to make a remarkable impact, then apply today!