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For our final day of ‘7 startups in 7 (working) days,’ we’re delighted to introduce Handi! The Co-Founders/siblings behind this groundbreaking startup are on a mission to put pleasure within everyone’s reach by creating the first line of sex toys for people living with hand limitations. During our 16-week accelerator program, they launched their brand, received press coverage from over 15 global outlets, established partnerships with Lovehoney and Hot Octopuss, and received over 350 registers of interest for their product! Now they’re onto their next phase which is to begin prototyping and testing their first device called thecuddle plus’! It’s safe to say they’re extremely hard workers and we have no doubt they will be a global brand in no time!

In addition to sharing these pitches and to mark the conclusion of our accelerator program, our EIR Alan Jones has taken the time to reflect on the incredible work out #SYD20 startups have done to create such remarkable pitch videos like the one above. Check out what Alan had to say below.



Heather, I wonder how easy would it have been to take the other-coloured pill, and choose to continue your successful advertising career? To keep making bank, to keep being the jet-set agency exec, instead of the caring sister deciding to risk it all to solve a global human rights issue shrouded in social taboo?

But you seem to be too grounded in what really matters. You probably didn’t really have any choice at all.

It’s been great to see you develop such a strong brand strategy and execution for Handi. Brand is usually the weakest aspect for many of the early-stage startups we get to work with at Remarkable. I love the creative development of Handi on all your channels, the plans for a fund-raising book, and the following you’ve been able to reach through Andrew’s podcast and blogging. There’s no question in my mind that you know how to brief, direct and execute on that. Confirmed by the successful startup founder I referred you to for some contract work, who’s been so happy with the work you’ve done for them too.

Next time a journalist asks me about some of the most remarkable startups I’ve worked with, I look forward to telling them I knew the founders of Handi before they shipped their first product. “Wow!” They’ll say, “They really broke new ground and made disabled sexuality safe to talk about!”

Words by Alan Jones (the nice one).

To learn more about Handi follow them on Instagram and head to their website.

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