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Over the next seven (working) days, we will be sharing our #SYD20 Demo Day pitch videos and we call this campaign “7 Startups in 7 (working) Days”, has a nice ring to it right?

The first pitch off the rank is the brilliant CPToys! Over the course of our 16-week program CPToys have continued to grow their reach and in just two months have brought in over $15k worth of revenue through their SAAS and Affiliate models with further plans to launch CPToy Swap, the first global online library for gifting and sharing therapy toys.

In addition to sharing these pitches and to mark the conclusion of our accelerator program, our EIR Alan Jones has taken the time to reflect on the incredible work out #SYD20 startups have done to create such remarkable pitch videos like the one above. Check out what Alan had to say below.



Being one of the entrepreneurs-in-residence for the #SYD20 cohort of disability-tech startups has been weird and difficult this year. It’s been weird because my job is to develop a trusted relationship with founders in a time of pandemic lockdown when everybody’s nerves have been frayed, risks seem magnified and confidence in the future rarely joins the Zoom call. It’s been hard because video calls are a terrible way for them to get to know me, and for me to learn how to support them. But this is what I see in the founders of these seven remarkable startups and their brave, resourceful founders.

Brian, it’s been easy to see the proof of the efficacy of your work with children with cerebral palsy — we only need to see the before and after videos of some of your young clients after a few months of play-based therapies.

What’s harder to see is that in addition to being a tech startup founder, you are the core of a busy occupational therapy practice, servicing a part of Victoria seriously affected by the pandemic lockdown. You’re also an internationally-recognised expert researcher and academic. And most important of all, you’re a husband and father to a young family.

You’ve managed all these responsibilities during the Remarkable accelerator with nary a complaint, managing a busy therapy practise and a small, remote startup product and marketing team, working to grow an online community of families using CPToys programs to improve the upper limb therapy results of their treasured children.

You’ve adroitly walked the tightrope required to market and sell your startup’s services while at the same time safeguarding your professional reputation in an industry that doesn’t take kindly to self-promotion.

Words by Alan Jones (the nice one).

To learn more about CPToys follow them on Twitter and head to their website.

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