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For the fourth day of 7 startups in 7 (working) days, we bring you Neurodiversity Media! This exceptional company creates accessible information resources to empower the neurodivergent population to fulfil their potential through the dignity of work.

This team has grown in a huge capacity and at this current point in time, their newsletter goes out to approximately 450 people all over the world, including senior HR experts from the Tasmanian government and Google! Now they’re ready for their next phase of growth and have launched their newest product,The resource library’, which is based on a Canva style freemium model of free and pro memberships.

In addition to sharing these pitches and to mark the conclusion of our accelerator program, our EIR Alan Jones has taken the time to reflect on the incredible work out #SYD20 startups have done to create such remarkable pitch videos like the one above. Check out what Alan had to say below.


Neurodiversity Media

I often say tech startup accelerator programs can be a lot like the public pressure cooker of a reality TV show, and if that’s true, there’s a kind of person you don’t usually expect to enter a reality TV show about startups, and that is a team of two neurodiverse founders.

I’d like to recognise and honour the effort both Rachel and Issy put into working through the many challenges we set for you in the Remarkable program. Much of it may have seemed too hurried, too chaotic, too confronting.

You did for yourselves what Neurodiversity Media aims to do for its neurodiverse professional community — you developed strategies and tactics to help support you in being productive and successful in the program and met or exceeded the goals we set you.

I see promising signs that the international community of neurodiverse professionals you’ve reached out to are keen to engage with the online community you’re about to launch, and in the meantime it’s been great to see you contribute actively to every masterclass, workshop and session of the program, advancing not just your own startup but helping out others, and producing some memorable and engaging content along the way.

Words by Alan Jones (the nice one).

To learn more about Neurodiversity Media follow them on their social channels and head to their website.

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