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To celebrate day five of 7 startups in 7 (working) days, we bring you ResusRight! This exceptional startup has developed a cutting edge monitor to help prevent the death and disability of newborns who require resuscitation at birth.

ResusRight is working to design and develop technologies for better outcomes in newborn resuscitation and their first phase in tackling this mission is the ResusRight Resuscitation Training Monitor. By the end of our 16-week accelerator program, their team had completed extensive interviews with more than 100 stakeholders and surveyed more than 250 clinicians over 38 countries to optimise the monitor for their needs. They’ve also partnered with four of the largest teaching hospitals in the country, including Westmead Hospital, Royal Hospital for Women, The Liverpool hospital, and Westmead Children’s Hospital. They will be ready to launch this educational monitor in less than a year!

In addition to sharing these pitches and to mark the conclusion of our accelerator program, our EIR Alan Jones has taken the time to reflect on the incredible work out #SYD20 startups have done to create such remarkable pitch videos like the one above. Check out what Alan had to say below.



True story: I gave ResusRight my lowest score of all the teams we evaluated at Bootcamp for the Remarkable accelerator program! I did not vote for you!

It’s always good to be reminded that I’m not infallible!

Let me explain why: the ResusRight team is basically two male senior medical specialists and two young male engineers. It was quite likely that would result in two factions working in opposition to each other — the “in lean startups we learn from the customer” approach versus the “in hospital you bloody well do as I say” approach. I’ve worked in the hospital system and know how hard it can be to get male senior medical specialists to collaborate with junior colleagues, and how hard it is for talented, headstrong young engineers to be patient.

But that’s not all: you’re a hardware startup and everyone knows hardware startups make slower progress. And you intend to sell a medical device, which means all sorts of regulatory swings and roundabouts.

Yet, with the program concluding, if there was an award for Most Functional Team, you’d have to be contenders. The young guns listened to the old hands willingly, grateful to have someone very similar to customers on tap for further customer research. And the old dogs readily admitted that lean startup hardware engineering was not their area of expertise, and listened to the young guns map outsmart, fast solutions to problems that would have bogged more traditional medical technology companies down for years.

At the end of the day, you’ve pushed prototypes into testing with six major Australian teaching hospitals in a few months instead of a few years. Your education product strategy shaves years off the time-to-market for a clinical product. ResusRight is going to save the lives of thousands of newborn children. I’ll say that again: ResusRight is going to save the lives of thousands of newborn children. I don’t see that every day. Game on.

Words by Alan Jones (the nice one).

To learn more about ResusRight follow them on their LinkedIn and head to their website.

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