Founder Story | Biomotum

Introducing our fourth Founder Story featuring Biomotum! This incredible startup create wearable rehabilitation robots empower mobility and discovery in children with Cerebral Palsy.

Check out an audio-described version of their story below! 


[00:03 – 01:30] Zach Lerner

It’s really easy to be inspired and motivated to keep going when developing assistive technology. We work daily with individuals who will have their lives changed by the technology that we’re developing, and so we’re working as quickly as possible to make our products available to improve people’s lives.

Hi, my name is Zach Lerner, I’m a co-founder of Biomotum. We’re a wearable rehabilitation robotics company. We’re seeking to optimize mobility for everyone on the planet. And it’s particularly geared for people that have difficulty walking.

Children and adults that have movement disorders and make it almost impossible to navigate around the community unassisted. I’ve been interested in physical activity and pushing the limits of human performance my entire life and I’ve also been interested in robotics my entire life. So with Biomotum, it’s been an opportunity to join these two passions.

What I think is really unique about our company is we’re taking a holistic perspective to the treatment of movement disorders. So on one hand, we can use our wearable robots to augment mobility in the community, to make walking easier and increase access. But we’re also using the technology to improve function through targeted resistance training. And that combination, I think, is really powerful.


[01:30 – 02:40] Ray Browning

Zach and I have always been extremely interested in human movement and mobility. Largely because for us personally, and we’ve seen it with lots of other people, the ability to move in the environment really unlock human potential.

We got a recent connection from a parent and she said, I saw your device online. I have a 20 year old daughter who has cerebral palsy, and I would like her to be able to walk down the aisle in her wedding and that’s what we can do for people. I think there’s a huge potential for wearable robotics to really change the trajectory of movement disorders in individuals with disabilities and individuals that are seeking to change their physical activity, performance.

We are going all in. We are going to be the global leader in personal wearable mobility solutions, not just for people that have impaired mobility, but for anyone who wants to thrive and live a physically fulfilling, active life.


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