Founder Story | Homeable

Homeable was born out our 2021 Design-athon and we are so excited to share their Founder Story! This amazing team creates personalised and inclusive smart home solutions to increase independence in the home. 

Check out an audio-described version of their story below.


[00:07 – 00:48] Liam Highmore 

Nine out of ten Australians living with disability currently require some form of assistance in the home. Whether that’s turning off all the lights before they go to sleep or putting up the blinds in the morning.

So we think that smart home technology and automation has an enormous amount of potential. But the one size fits all approach that many companies employ often results in technology that isn’t suitable or appropriate, sort of for the individual.

We’ve also found through some of our early research that the actual benefits and use cases of this technology is simply not known. The entire experience, we believe, is inaccessible, and this is something that we’re looking to change.

[00:48 – 1:14] Paul Richardson

My name is Paul Richardson. I’m 40 years old. My disability is ankylosing spondylitis, which limits my mobility and it affects me with chronic pain. Simple little things like sitting in a room that’s brightly lit because you can’t close a blind or something can affect you more than you think it would. I think some people take things like that for granted.

[01:14 – 01:40] Liam Highmore

Homeable creates personalised, smart home solutions, which are designed to support people to feel more independent and safe and comfortable in the home. We leverage existing smart home technology to create accessible solutions which are aligned with people’s unique needs and goals. We achieve this by actually inviting them sort of into the design process with us and educating them on the benefits and use cases of smart home technology.

[01:40 – 01:56] Mel Le Bas

Smart home technology, and specifically Homeable and the way that they tailor it to your disability and your specific needs. It gives you so much control back in your day because you get to control how you’re going to respond to things and when.

[01:59 – 2:08] Liam Highmore

Yeah, impact is everything for us. We’re uniquely placed in that we have both an ability and a drive to actually make an impact on these people’s lives.


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