Homeable | 2022 Demo Day Pitch


Liam Highmore, Co-Founder and CEO of Homeable.


Homeable creates personalised and inclusive smart home solutions to increase independence in the home.


[00:22 – 03:26] Liam Highmore

Hi, my name is Liam and I’m a co-founder at Homeable.

What does home mean to you? If you’re anything like me, you love being at home. It’s a place that makes us feel safe and in control. But above all else, it’s a place we should all feel comfortable in, including our friend Jacob.

Now, Jacob uses a wheelchair and lives by himself in his Sydney home. He finds it difficult performing daily tasks like turning on his lights and making it to the front door in time to accept his delivery. Now, Jacob is also unable to reach the cord for his blinds and as a result has been closed permanently, leaving him with no natural light. But did you know smart home technology could help overcome these challenges?

For Jacob and the nine out of ten people living with disability who require some form of assistance with daily tasks, that’s almost 4 million people in Australia alone. Now we’ve found that people are often unsure how smart technology could benefit them, and the industry’s one size fits all approach often results in technology that just isn’t suitable for their needs. We are continuously hearing from occupational therapists that the smart home landscape is incredibly difficult to navigate and no company has managed to make the entire process of creating a smart home truly accessible. That is, until now.

Homeable offers an end-to end smart home service that works like this. Jacob can be referred to us by his O.T. and based on his unique independence goals, we are able to design a solution with Jacob that allows him to open his blinds and unlock the front door using just his voice. And now, when Jacob hears the doorbell, he can use his phone to see and talk to whoever is there. Now we offer Jacob installation and educate him on how to get the most out of the technology. But the relationship doesn’t end there. We offer ongoing support through an annual subscription that is funded by Jacob’s NDIS plan.

Now in the last two months, Homeable secured six wholesale agreements with technology suppliers and smashed our target with over 100 people formally registering interest in our service, including 25 OTs, wanting to know if their clients were interested in us. We also launched our pilot program and are working with Guide Dogs Australia to design and install solutions for their community. We are going to market with our service in September and launching our installer program in 2023, allowing us to truly scale.

We have a passionate and diverse team driven by people with lived experience and have backgrounds covering product management, allied health user experience and technology sales.

We are determined to become the smart home experts for disability and aged care by the end of 2023. But we can’t do this alone. Firstly, we are looking to raise funds mid-next year and would love to start conversations with passionate investors who share our vision. And secondly, if you know any occupational therapists or end users, who would benefit from learning about Homeable, please scan the QR code so that together we can make everyone feel safe, independent and comfortable where it matters most. The home.


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