Introducing Adrian DeWitts, Co-Founder of Bookbot

Bookbot is an app that enables children to become confident, independent readers by providing them with assistive technology that listens to them as they read out loud, guiding them like an adult sitting next to them.

This week we had a chat with Adrian DeWitts, the co-founder of Bookbot. Adrian is a seasoned digital executive and an expert in product development, innovation and data. Adrian shares his motivations to start Bookbot and his Remarkable experience so far…

Adrian DeWitts, Founder, BookBot

What inspired you to start this?

My son Forester was diagnosed with Dyslexia, and I could see he needed help with his reading practice. I built a prototype and found that it worked well in showing him the words he mis-read. When I filmed Forester using the prototype and shared it on Facebook, lots if people responded with interest in the technology.

What’s the biggest challenge you’re facing with building your startup and how do you think Remarkable can help you overcome this challenge?

The biggest challenge has been building an acquisition funnel that converts and retains customers. Remarkable has been helping by providing insight and supporting us in finding that insight.

What have been the highlights of your Remarkable experience so far?

One of the highlights of the Remarkable program was the first day which made us feel that we weren’t so alone on our start-up journey. Everyone getting to know each other and working together was a great feeling. The other highlight has been the advice from all the mentors that Remarkable has paired us with. The advice is gold.

Do you have any tips for startups who are trying to get on an accelerator program?

For early age startups, it’s important to articulate where you’ve been and what you’ve achieved. Then where you think the accelerator can take you. This is a great skill to develop.

What is your top tool, blog, book or podcast that you’d recommend others look at?

I’d like to recommend The Eric Ries Lean Startup series of books, as they have been pretty amazing for me.

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