Meet our 2021 cohort of startups!

Two men standing in a studio setting both holding a bionic arm prototype.From Tunisian-based 3D printed bionic arms to an adaptive clothing designer featured in Melbourne Fashion Week, we are excited to introduce our 2021 cohort of seven innovative startups!

For our new friends who might not know about us, our mission at Remarkable is to support startups harnessing technological innovation to empower people living with disability by providing seed funding, mentoring, coaching, investor networks, expertise and guidance. We launched in 2016, as the startup venture arm of the Cerebral Palsy Alliance with support from Principal Partner, icare NSW and Partners, Telstra Foundation and (most recently) VivCourt, and since inception we have had 32 startups complete our program.

We are especially excited about our 2021 cohort because due to our recent adjustment to a virtual program we’ve been able to include founders from across Australia as well as our first international founder from Tunisia who is working to enter the Australian market!

The demand for our global presence is also representative of the increased popularity of the global assistive technology market, which despite the economic impact of the recent pandemic, continues to rise with an estimated worth of US$31.5 billion by 2027.

“Although last year was challenging for many reasons, our 2020 cohort of startups were nonetheless able to achieve amazing results and accessed significant funding with a mean investment of $111k per start-up, including the initial $35,000 funding provided by Remarkable,” said Pete Horsley.

There truly has never been a better time to harness the power of tech to drive inclusion and accessibility and we can’t wait to witness the achievements of our 2021 cohort! So without further ado, we are proud to introduce our #RA21 cohort:

Wearable & Co logo, which is their company name written in black bold font accompanied by the tagline 'Wear-able design for every-body'.

Wearable & Co is an inclusive and adaptive everyday clothing range, designed for all abilities to enable everyone the opportunity to feel their best selves.


Speckles logo, which is the company name written in bold, red font with the letter 'e' designed to look like an eye.

Speckles are experts in the field of children’s vision with fun and innovative products, including adjustable glasses for kids and eye patches kids want to wear, whilst providing education and support throughout your child’s vision journey.

Medistays logo, which is the company name written in bold, grey font accompanied by a light blue and grey graphic of the letter ‘M’.

Medistays is the leading Australian website assisting patients, carers and health care professionals to book hospital, NDIS accommodation and other accessible accommodation.


Humane logo, which is the company name written in bold, pink font accompanied by cursive, pink, line graphic.

Humane helps people with disability and their carers manage their funding efficiently by saving time and enabling them to make better care decisions.


Cure Bionics logo, which is the company name written in bold, teal font accompanied by patterned, cross, teal graphic.

Cure Bionics creates 3D-printed and customizable bionic arms that enhance the human body with multi-grip functionality and empowering aesthetics for below-elbow amputee adults and children aged 8 and above with the aim to make it more accessible and cool-to-wear.


Spix App is a tool for gamers with impaired speech to support social connection and rich interaction in-game.


Theraplay logo, which is their company name written in a capitalised multi-coloured font.

Theraplay.TV is a virtual program that builds the capacity of young people of all abilities as they play and interact with Yogacise, Ballet Fusion, Play Warrior, Pop n Lock’n, Cheer Club & TheraChill

The startups are halfway through our 14-week program and over the remaining weeks they will continue working with some of Australia’s leading startup coaches and mentors to refine their business model, find product market fit and develop their go-to-market strategy, in order to commercialise their technology to enable inclusion of people with disability.

At the end of our program you’re invited to celebrate these startups at our Demo Day on Tuesday the 13th of July, where the founders will showcase their growth, impact and hopes for the future of technology. Register for Demo Day at http://bit.ly/RA21_DemoDay_ROI

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