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Virtetic is creating game-based virtual reality interventions for people living with limb loss.

Our VR interventions are aimed at helping people start their rehabilitation and prosthesis use training as soon as they recover from surgery.

How have you engaged end-users in the development of Virtetic?

We’ve taken a co-design approach from the start. From the problem-solution validation stage to play testing each iteration of our VR interventions. We engage with prosthesis users and clinicians to understand their needs and wants. What is important to them? What are their goals? How can VR support their goals. Through this approach, we make sure that whatever we create has a purpose and supports our users.

Can you share some success stories or accomplishments that you’ve achieved since launching?

We are yet to launch our first product, but every engagement we have with someone new is encouraging. People meet our VR experiences with excitement and always are generous with their feedback.

One big this is that we’ve been collaborating with the #1 prosthesis manufacturer, Ottobock, for a few years now. It’s amazing to have their support and advice along the way.

What sets your startup apart from competitors?

Our expertise and approach.

Virtetic was founded following five years of virtual reality and prosthetics research, and over 20 years of research on human motor learning and clinical care in the field of prosthetics. This makes the Virtetic team a world leader in this space.

Our co-design and game-based approach has helped use create unique VR interventions that are clinically relevant, and meaningful for people’s goals post limb loss. While the game-based part helps guide people through their journey in an approachable way that adapts to the needs of each individual.

What advice would you give to aspiring disability tech entrepreneurs?

I cannot stress enough the idea of “user-in-the-loop”.

I think most people in disability tech are close to the problem, so they’ll take this approach anyway. But this can always be taken up a notch, engaging with as many people as possible. Everyone’s lived experience is different, and you will always learn something new from people. So, approach things with a curious mind, and continuously engage with the experts!

What does it mean to you to be part of the Remarkable community?


We couldn’t be happier with how welcoming and supportive the Remarkable community is. Everyone has made their best effort to help us out and make us feel part of the community. So, we are keen to contribute back to the Remarkable family as much as we can.


1 Month 1 Year 10 Years
We would like to see our first VR intervention being piloted at our existing partner clinics. We would like to be offering multiple VR solutions for people living with different types of amputations. We want to be the standard of care for pre-prosthetic training and rehabilitation, and offering solutions beyond the prosthetics industry.
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