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Introducing our second episode of the 2022 Founder Stories Series, featuring Christian Doran Founder and CEO of RecoveryVR!

RecoveryVR provides a fun and engaging, medication-free, virtual reality application that motivates more adherence to rehab activities in the home or clinic while also providing measurement data, adherence tracking and unlimited healthcare access using a custom-built telehealth portal. Check out the RecoveryVR story below! 


[00:00 – 00:09] VR Instructor

And you’re going to pull it towards your ear, holding it there for 30 seconds. We’re going to do three lots of 30 seconds on each side. One, two, three.

[00:09 – 01:52] Christian Doran

I’ve always been obsessed with narrative. That’s why I was a filmmaker. I wanted to tell stories. What I’m doing now is just that, I’m helping people tell their own stories.

RecoveryVR helps people rehabilitate from all sorts of different conditions.If that’s physical, mental health, pain management, we try to use virtual reality to deliver health care everywhere in the world.

When you put on a VR headset, you kind of have an out of body experience.So we use that,
and that’s really, really powerful. I think that’s the secret sauce of virtual reality in therapy.

People with massive pain in their lower back will start swivelling their body without even knowing it, without feeling the pain. That’s what I’ve seen. I’ve seen patients standing for longer than they have in years because they just want to finish their painting

The research coming out of universities everywhere around the world was that VR is key to unlocking the focus that your brain needs by controlling the auditory and visual inputs into your brain.

It was a way to motivate movement and help people recover from neurological injuries. And that’s the moment that I knew that I had to create something that was actually in the market. There was so much research out there, and there was nothing for people to use day to day.

When I think about what RecoveryVR can be. It is a open world of therapy games where you can learn your independence, virtually practicing in a safe space that absolutely teaches you the skills to work better in the real world.

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