The Remarkable, AMP Tomorrow Makers

Two images combined to make one large image. The first image positioned at the top includes a headshot of Brian to the left, this is accompanied by the AMP Foundation logo against a sunset background to the right. Underneath the logo is the text ‘Brian Hoare Occupational Therapist’. The second image positioned at the bottom includes an image of Ryan seated at a desk watching the AMP Foundation awards from his home office computer screen, this image includes the AMP Tomorrow Maker logo in the bottom right corner.
Brian Hoare (top image) and Ryan Tilley (bottom image) were recently named AMP Tomorrow Makers.

Last week the 2020 finalists AMP Tomorrow Makers were announced and we were thrilled to see another two of our Remarkable alumni named as the recipients of this funding! This brings us up to a total of 10 remarkable alumni in the last four years to be named AMP’s Tomorrow Makers!

To give you a little background the AMP Tomorrow Fund is an initiative of the AMP Foundation. Each year they award grants of up to $100,000 for an array of activities, including training, travel costs, living expenses, research or small business funding.

When selecting the winners of these grants the judging panel looks for applicants who are all working to create a better tomorrow, so it’s no surprise our Remarkable alumni always make an appearance!

For the Remarkable team it is an incredibly heartwarming experience to see large foundations such as the AMP Foundation, supporting our alumni who are removing barriers for people living with disability and forming an inclusive world.

“A future where technology overcomes barriers to full inclusion for people with disability is the kind of tomorrow that Remarkable wants to see. The support the AMP Foundation Tomorrow Fund gives to our founders on that mission is so critical.” Pete Horsley, Remarkable.

Check out our Remarkable alumni who are now AMP Tomorrow Makers below:


  • Huy Nguyen, CEO and Founder of Enabler, which is a mobile games and simulations to train and educate support workers for the disability sector.


  • Adrian DeWitts, CTO of Bookbot, which empowers those with learning disabilities to become confident, independent learners through a reading assistant app.
  • Mike Tozer, Founder and CEO of Xceptional, a technology services firm that recognises the unique strengths of people on the autism spectrum.


  • Erika Gleeson, CEO of Autism Swim, a certification, learning and support platform to help prevent drownings for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder / cognitive deficit.
  • Danny Hui, Founder of Sameview, a trusted online platform for easier, and better disability care coordination.
  • Clint Saban, Founder of Polyspine, a customised, modular torso and head support system that enables people with physical disability to participate in various recreational and rehabilitation activities.
  • Max Burt, Founder of Wheeleasy, an access Information Website for wheelchair users & their family and friends.
  • Kath Hamilton, Founder of Loop+, an activity tracker for wheelchair users that assesses risk and monitors prescribed care plans in everyday life.


  • Ryan Tilley, Co-Founder of GeckoTraxx, a portable and affordable wheelchair accessory that enables people to get off-road and explore the great outdoors.
  • Brian Hoare, Founding Director of CPToys, which provides individualised therapy advice to therapists and families of children with cerebral palsy by matching toys to a child’s age and specific therapy goals.

We can’t wait to see how these amazing people continue to shape a more inclusive and accessible tomorrow!

To learn more about the AMP Tomorrow Makers head to, https://www.ampstomorrowfund.com.au/

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