Remarkable Team Cohort #4 Wrap

Margaret, Alan, Pete, and Addy from Team Remarkable

Now that our 2019 accelerator program is complete, we’ve had a chance to breathe and reflect on the 16 weeks we had with Cohort #4. Four of the Remarkable team – Pete, Alan, Margaret and Addy (we missed you Jacob!), got together to share their thoughts on the impact Remarkable has made this year and some important tips for how the startups continue building on their Remarkable journey…

Margaret, Alan, Pete, Addy – Team Remarkable


So it’s been two days since demo day we had more than 200 people investors and stakeholders in the room. We have more than a thousand people watch online and now it’s actually the formal part of the program is actually finished so it’s time for our startups to actually move out of the nest, so in thinking about that, what’s the one piece of advice that we can give to the startup founders?


As I keep banging on, this has been an accelerator program. Hopefully, we’ve taught you a bit about how to accelerate the progress of your business to market and it’s natural to work really hard towards demo day and then to flop in a heap and go, “Oh god, I need a break!” Take that break, you need it that’s important self care. But get right back on that bicycle and start pedalling again. Start pedalling as fast as you can, or faster, because this is a competitive sport.


Well, remember what you were like in week 1 and then remember that feeling when we just came off stage in week 16 doing your pitch. So I think many of you have convinced yourself that you’re startup founders and CEO’s. So that should give you confidence to move forward and just remember that feeling next time when you’re thinking, “Maybe I can, maybe I can’t.” But you should definitely try it and I think you can do it!


So for me, it’s just remember you have a whole network of people who are behind you. You’ve built a really strong team in terms of the mentors, the EiR’s, us as the Remarkable Team, all our partners. So remember they’re here to support you and we’re cheering you on.


Now each of our founders, you now become the alumni – you are now officially Remarkable alumni. So you actually have some responsibilities. You have something to actually give back to the network – give back to the ecosystem. So we want you to step up. We now have opened applications for cohort 5. It’s going to be called #SYD20 and so we want you to be reaching out to the network, to be talking about Remarkable and to be willing to give some of the expertise and some of the learnings that you’ve learned over these last 16 weeks and beyond. We want you to pass that on to the rest of the founders that coming behind you. So until next time, we want to say…



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